Aerospace / Defense

PAS offers products that provide the high performance and reliability critical for the sophisticated and ever-evolving electronics systems of the aerospace and defense sectors.

  • Micro-electronic Grade Adhesives:
    • EPO-TEK® has proven experience that has bonded our client’s concepts to successful implementation in a variety of aerospace and defense field.  
    • EPO-TEK®epoxies conform to the requirements of NASA Low Outgassing ASTME595 and MIL-STD 883 are ionically clean and high strength.  
  • Macro-electronic Grade Adhesives:  
    • Dow Silicones are both ozone resistant and naturally stable under a wide range of temperatures, moistures, and other environments. From getting rockets into orbit to man-on-the-moon, Dow silicones have been there since the beginning and innovating along the way.
    • For Electronics & Avionics, DOWSILTM offers solutions for vibration control, display sealants & adhesion, electronic potting, electronic board coating & protection. DOWSILTM offers MIL-A-46146 Standard Adhesive/Sealant, MIL-I-46058C specification for conformal coating, and MIL-PRF23586F Encapsulants.

Where Are Adhesives, Sealants, and Conformal Coatings Needed?

Common applications where our adhesives, sealants, and conformal coatings are used: 

  • Microwave & RF  
  • Radar  
  • Navigation & Sensors  
  • Power Supplies  
  • Aerospace PCB Assembly