Automotive Electronics

Automotive Electronics

Whether it is solutions for the engine, chassis or passenger comfort, PAS offers a comprehensive line of adhesive solutions for the automotive industry, including electric vehicles

As part of the Meridian Adhesives Group Electronics Division, PAS partners with Epoxies, Etc. and Epoxy Technology to offer high performance thermally conductive materials such as epoxies, urethanes, and silicones for EVs to help dissipate heat away from components, extend the battery’s life, and protect the assembly from demanding environments with flame retardant compounds.  

Where Are Our Automotive Solutions Utilized?

We utilize our experience and skill in the following applications: 

  • AC/DC Chargers   
  • On-Board Chargers   
  • Motor/ Generator   
  • Inverter/ Converter  
  • Electric Compressor for Air Conditioner  
  • Battery Module 
  • DC/DC Converter     
  • Sensor and Control   
  • Battery Management System