Our Business Partners:

Our Business Partners: Equipment
  • TAEHA is a well-established company offering liquid constant flow dispensers for a diverse set of applications.
  • The company designs, produces and supplies related equipment to a wide range of industries including electronics.
  • Dispensing solutions offered: 1K SYSTEM, 2K SYSTEM, Quick Valve System,Tank, Valve, Robot Series, Automation Equipment, System Configuration
  • Product highlights: 1K and 2K Progressive Cavity Pump
  • Uvitron International is a total solutions provider of light-curing systems, UV power supplies, and UV curing accessories.
  • One of Uvitron’s primary market solutions targets light curing of UV/visible curable adhesives and resins.
  • UV curing solutions: UV Flood Systems, Mounting & Shielding, UV SpotSystems, UV LED System, UV Light-Curing Conveyor, UV Arc Lamp Power Supplies, Radiometer, UV Curing Accessories
  • Kurabo MAZERUSTER offers “A revolution in mixing/deaerating! No blades or rods!”
  • Applicable materials: Epoxy Resin, Silicone Resin, Acryl Resin, Urethane Resin, Polyimide, Wax, Grease, Lubricants, Oil, Water, Solvents, Solver Powder, Gold Powder, Carbon, Alumina, Pigment, Phosphor, Calcium Carbonate, Tungsten, Titan, Glass Powder, Silica, Aluminum Powder, Silver Paste, Mineral Resources
  • Founded in Germany in 1995, Plasmatreat invests over 12% of its annual sales in R&D and holds more than 150 patents on plasma equipment and processes. 
  • With Openair-Plasma® technology, Plasmatreat has established itself as one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of plasma equipment and a global provider of surface technology services.
  • High-efficiency Atmospheric Plasma Solutions include Plasma Cleaning, Activation, Nano-Coating of surfaces appropriate for Automotive, Transportation, Electronic, Packaging Technology, Consumer Goods, Life Sciences, Textiles, and New Energies Applications 
  • PINK GmbH Thermosysteme, founded by Friedrich Pink, is located in Wertheim am Main, Germany. 
  • The product range includes systems for Vacuum-supported Soldering, Sintering Systems, Low-pressure Plasma Systems for Surface Treatment, and Drying and Processing Technology. 
  • PINK operates internationally with a network of sectoral agencies in all major markets and is a worldwide supplier of customized plants and systems. 
  • Medmix, premium-quality precision-mixing tips and cartridges are designed and engineered in Switzerland. Their hand-held dispensers, known for their efficiency and ease of use, are engineered and manufactured in the UK.
  • Medmix Industry delivers the world’s leading hand-held mixing and dispensing systems for adhesives and sealants. They have strong partnerships with industrial manufacturing, production, coating, and construction leaders that have lasted for close to 100 years.