As part of the Electronics Division of Meridian Adhesives Group, PAS partners with our sister company, Epoxy Technology, which offers a comprehensive line of biocompatible/medical device grade adhesives (“MED”-line) used throughout the healthcare and biotechnology industries. We offer optical, thermally conductive, electrically conductive, UV and UV hybrid adhesives that have been tested for ISO 10993 compliance. With their reliable performance, EPO-TEK® products are used in devices such as: 

  • Diagnostics, Healthcare Monitoring, Biopharma 
  • Catheters & Surgical Equipment 
  • Imaging: Optics, Radiation, and Ultrasound 
  • Implants: Active, Passive & Orthopedic 

Where EPO-TEK ® Medical Grade Adhesive Is Needed?

It is used for advanced medical systems: 

  • Diagnostics/ Scientific Equipment 
  • Disposable/ IV/ Cannula/ Filters 
  • Endoscopes & Optical System 
  • Radiation Detection/Imaging Systems 
  • Implantable/Non-Implantable 
  • Microfluids/ Biotech & Pharma 
  • Surgical Tools 

How Can We Help?

With our extensive line of adhesives that offer many different properties, let our PAS technical experts help you find the right solution for your critical application. 

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