Hermetic Lids, Braze& Solder Alloys

Hermetic seals are essential to ensuring electronic products function at optimal performance. Sensitive electronic components assembled onto ceramic or metal packages must be protected from environmental exposure to help ensure high performance.

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Together with our business partner Materion we supply a broad portfolio of high-reliability and high-performance microelectronic packaging; these include Hermetic Lids, Braze & Solder Alloy. Materion has over than 40 years of experience providing these solutions for the most demanding high-reliability applications markets including semiconductor, MEMS, photonics, AR, defense, space, automotive and more. 

With the unique vertical integration of precious metals with precious metal alloy fabrication and in-house refining, customers will benefit from Materion’s high-purity microelectronic packaging products for exceptional soldering of hermetic packages and more.

  • Access to the highest quality materials
  • Conformant gold products
  • Lower cost
  • Decreased lead times

What Solutions Are Available?

Hermetic Lids

  •   Combo-Lid™ Cover: High-Reliability Applications
  •   Ceramic Combo-Lid™ Cover: Specialty Applications
  •   Getter Combo-Lid™ Cover: Packages that Require the Cavity be Free from All Gases
  •   Visi-Lid™ Cover and Visi-Caps: Optical Packages and Sensor Applications
  •   Non-Magnetic Lid: Specialty Applications
  •   Seam Seal-Lid™ Lid: Sealing Heat Sensitive Electronics
  •   Solder Reflow-Lid™ Cover: Cost Alternative to Combo-Lid Covers


High purity Braze and Solder Alloys 

  •   Braze Alloys: available in a range of melting points
  •   Solder Preforms: available in various shapes and sizes and for forms including wire, strips, sheet, ribbon, preforms, frames, and more.


Multiple designs and materials can be customized for specific applications.

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