Mixers, Cartridges & 2-Part Applicator

We offer premium quality precision mixing tips & cartridges as well as hand-held dispensers. Mixers and cartridges are designed and engineered in Switzerland. Hand-held dispensers that known for their efficiency and ease of use, are engineered and manufactured in the UK.  These solutions help users in using 2-part adhesives.

What Mixer Solutions Are Available?

PAS offers a complete range of mixers or mixing tips and they can also be completed with further accessories for special needs.

Mixers are available in various diameters, lengths, number of mixing elements, types of elements, outlet tips, and fitting different cartridges systems.

Mixers can be categorized as following:-

  • Helix Mixer
  • Quadro™ Mixer
  • Machine Mixer

What Cartridges Solutions Are Available?

Having the correct cartridges set for each adhesive and application environment ensures high process safety. Together with Medmix, we offer an excellent range of dual cartridges for industrial applications with capabilities varying from 2.5ml to 1.5 liter.

Cartridge systems are available as following:

  • Ratio – 1: 1 to 10: 1
  • Package shape – side-by-side or coaxial
  • Outlets – divided or separated
  • Material – PP, PE, PA, PBT
  • Piston technology – Air FT/ Self-Venting / Weldable/ Closed
  • Front and backfilling variations

The selection available for Industry

  • Mixpac A-System
  • Mixpac B-System
  • Mixpac C-System
  • Mixpac F-System
  • Mixpac K-System
  • Blueline™ and etc.

What Applicator Solutions Are Available? (for 2-parts Adhesives)

Applicators are available for the different sizes, shapes, and ratios of the cartridges used. Depending on the volume and viscosity of the material applied and the continuous force you need there are three main actuation types on offer.

  • Manual, ranging from 1.2-6.4kN
  • Battery driven, ranging from 5-5.0kN
  • Pneumatic driven, ranging from 1.6 to 6.25kN

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