Moldable Optic Silicone

Moldable optical silicones are a new tool for innovation in the automotive lighting world with unprecedented design freedom and photothermal stability. These two-part liquid injection moldable transparent materials provide benefits to optical elements including reduced weight, cost savings, optical stability, and ease of manufacture. It comes in two-part heat cure silicone.   

Moldable optical silicone is good for mold detailing or feature reproduction, and the ability to mold undercuts, etc. allows for more flexibility in your designs.  

How is the Product Used?

Moldable optical silicones are appropriate to use as a primary optic lens, secondary optic, white reflector, light pipes, light guide, automotive driving beam primary lenses, and for collimator, TIR lens, etc.  

What Factors Should Be Taken Into Account When Choosing A Suitable Moldable Optic Silicone?

  • Processing machine
  • Mold
  • Design consideration

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