One & Two Component Dispensing Equipment / Systems

What Is Adhesive Dispensing?

It is a process of transferring adhesive onto the substrate to bond parts together.  

When Is Adhesive Dispensing Equipment Needed (Electronics)?

Many electronics applications utilize dispensing systems:  

  • Microelectronics: Die attach, Die Coat, Dam & Fill, Lid Seal, TIM 1, Glob Top.  
  • Macroelectronics: TIM 2, FIPG, CIPG, Encapsulant, Sealing, etc. 

What Solutions Are Available?

  • Contact Dispensing 
    • Pneumatic
    • Progressive cavity
  • Non-contact Dispensing

What Factors Should Be Taken Into Account When Choosing A Suitable Dispensing Equipment?

  • Dot size  
  • +/- Dispensing volume tolerance 
  • Type of adhesives

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