Planetary Mixer

Planetary mixers enable simultaneous mixing and deaerating within a short time without using mixing rods and blades. These systems are used for a wide variety of materials such as highly viscous materials and materials having different specific gravities, without contamination by foreign matter.  

When Are Planetary Mixers Needed (Electronics)?

The planetary mixer is needed for:  

  •  Phosphorous mix to resin for LED encapsulant application 
  •  Homogenous mixing two-component materials 
  •  Deaerating  

What Solutions Are Available?

  • MAZERUSTAR KK top- Planetary mixer/deaerator  
  • MAZERUSTAR KK series- Planetary mixer/deaerator  
  • MAZERUSTAR KK-V series- Planetary type vacuum deaerate mixer 

What Factors Should Be Taken Into Account When Choosing A Suitable Planetary Mixer?

  • Application requirement  
  • What products are being mixed   
  • Volume mix 

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