Plasma System

When plasma comes into contact with solid materials like plastics and metals, its energy acts on the surface and changes important properties, such as the surface energy. Treatment with plasma energy results in establishing a surface condition that maximizes its adhesive qualities and wettability of the surface. 

When Is Plasma Treatment Beneficial?

Many applications benefit from plasma technology: 

  • Plasma cleaning: cleaning of plastic, metal, aluminum, and glass 
  • Plasma activation: high-efficiency surface activation, targeted, selective, environmentally friendly 
  • Plasma coating: selective plasma coating in all different types of application 

What Solutions Are Available?

There are two main categories of Plasma solutions currently available. 

  1. Openair® Plasma Surface Pretreatment
    Atmospheric pressure plasma pretreatment is one of the most efficient plasma processes for cleaning, activating or coating plastics, metals, (e.g., aluminum), glass, recycled materials and composite materials. In comparison to low pressure plasma technology, no special chamber system is required when Openair-Plasma® technology is used.
  2. Non-Thermal Plasma
    Non-thermal plasma is often referred to as cold plasma. Material treated with low-pressure plasma, is only slightly heated because the gas has a very low temperature. However, the energy of the electrons corresponds to a temperature of several thousand kelvins (K). This advantage enables the treatment of e.g. plastic or other temperature-sensitive materials. 

What Factors Should Be Taken Into Account When Choosing Plasma Equipment?

  • Product operating temperature
  • Substrate
  • Surface energy

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