UV Curing System

UV curing systems are used to cure photo-reactive UV adhesives. These systems contain monomers and oligomers, and some type of photo-initiator which, when activated by UV light, become polymers. Different adhesives cure at different wavelengths. When the photo-initiator is exposed to a particular wavelength and intensity, the polymerization reaction occurs, resulting in a cure.   

What Solutions Are Available?

PAS offers UV curing equipment that enables reliable adhesion, including:

  • UV LED and UV Lamp  
  • Spot cure  
  • Flood cure  
  • Integrated/automated  
  • Radiometer 
  • UV bulb  
  • UV curing accessories  

What Factors Should Be Taken Into Account When Choosing A Suitable UV Curing System?

For the optimal cure, these factors must be taken into consideration:

  • The UV lamp needs to match: 
    • The spectrum output of the photo-initiator package in the adhesive (wavelength requirements) 
    • The intensity and dose requirements 
    • Light output profile: LED or Broad Spectrum  

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